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Our work : Public-Private Partnerships

  • Client: GATD, Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Project Title: Public-Private Partnerships
  • Discipline: Interactive
  • Role(s): back-end development, front-end code, ux/ui design, web hosting

After creating a successful project with GATD and the World Bank (see: Demand-Driven Innovation), GATD this time along with Syngenta Foundation approached us with another, far more challenging project – An interactive map, displaying Public-Private Partnerships (yeah, we were confused by the title as well) represented by points/dots, sized by the number of projects in specific regions. These points of course, can be manipulated by toggling crop types and each point is clickable, displaying sample project info, total number of projects in the region and a link to see a listing of related projects.

Which leads to the important part…

The real task was to create a searchable database of all partners, funders and projects, searchable using basic keywords as well as an advanced search feature which allows the user to apply an assortment of filters to get very specific results. Each result leads to more information on the particular partner, project or funder, showing detailed information for each as well as external links and videos if available.