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Our work : TheAkiliGroup.com

  • Client: The Akili Group
  • Project Title: TheAkiliGroup.com
  • Discipline: Interactive
  • Role(s): copywriting, front-end code, web design, web hosting

What to do. A finance and back-room support services company wanted a web presence. So far so good. They wanted it to be small and simple…keep talking…They wanted to be depicted as cool and fun–basically not a stuffy finance firm. (Cue record player screeching to a sudden halt)

So we started from the very beginning. What would we want to hear from such a company? Easy, fun language. A site that recognized that we knew as much about accounting, finance, and compliance as we did about advanced auto mechanics or endocrinology. The words needed to convey that the Akili Group would take care of everything I needed, without me going to night school.

Once the text was in place, it was a fairly simple matter of creating a cool, stylish image, and a feeling of simplicity. For that we focused on a single-page site, highlighted by one large image and large text right at the top. Clear Sans was chosen as the primary font, which also reinforced a clean and easy-going feel.

A few pop-ups (to keep too much text from clogging up the easy-going works) later, and voila! A stuffy-free site!