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Our work : Unity Reggae Band

  • Client: Unity Reggae Band
  • Project Title: Unity Reggae Band
  • Discipline: Brand, Interactive, Print
  • Role(s): collateral, front-end code, logo design, web design, web hosting

Unity Reggae Band wanted a slick, but clean design that was bold, and reminiscent of reggae themes and colors. We designed and developed the branding and web site with fans and potential clients in mind which contains a robust multimedia section, as well as downloads and other useful tools for booking the band.

The “crown logo” reprises common iconography in Rasta culture and most often seen sitting upon the Lion of Judah. The color scheme for the site primarily includes the pan-African colors of the Jamaican flag — green, gold, and black to honor its majority Black population. Green represents the land, gold represents the sun, and black stands for strength. An additional color, red, standing for the blood of the man, is part of the traditional “ites, gold and green” triumverant of reggae/rasta culture.