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Our work : Vivian Luxury Rentals

  • Client: Serious Work, S. Hekemian Group
  • Project Title: Vivian Luxury Rentals
  • Discipline: Interactive
  • Role(s): cms integration, front-end code, responsive design

Our team was approached by longtime client/collaborator Serious Work to tackle the front-end development for a new Luxury Residence that was in the final stages of construction. The site also needed to be integrated with WordPress, have a single page load (no page refreshes) and be responsive. All on a fairly tight timeline as the plan was to launch the site alongside the grand opening of the property.


The result? A beautiful responsive website, built on top of WordPress, that gives the user a seamless experience with multiple ways to navigate.

Looking for a new place or relocated to New Jersey? Check out the site and/or schedule a tour.