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Our work : WisdomWell Identity

  • Client: WisdomWell
  • Project Title: WisdomWell Identity
  • Discipline: Brand, Interactive
  • Role(s): cms integration, collateral, front-end code, logo design, web design, web hosting

When you hear the name WisdomWell, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? What’s that you say? The Chinese character for “well?” That’s exactly what we thought! They say great minds think alike.

When sketching ideas for the branding of this family acupuncture and wellness clinic, we wanted to create something that would reflect a sense of community, much like the  clinic itself and what better way to display that than a well, which is (was?) typically at the center of a village (we think)? But not being satisfied with a literal representation, we took it to the next level and did some research into the many ways we could accomplish this. When it was all said and done, we created something both simple and beautiful and designed the identity package and website around it. The result, a happy client.